WTC talks

My talks at the WebTechCon are now available online.

Today I gave my two talks at the WTC14 event. The first one focused on the modern build system gulp, the second one on Microsoft's superset of the JavaScript language called TypeScript.

Both talks can be accessed in PDF form at my talks page. Additionally I also provide further online resources.

For gulp I created a git repository (hosted on GitHub). The repository contains a number of samples. I will try to increase the number of samples and write a little readme for each sample. This is work in progress with undetermined ending.

TypeScript is treated differently. In my opinion the official homepage already offers enough short samples to get a clue about the language. Also the specification is outlined, together with a quick handbook. So what can I do?

I decided to rewrite my old project Mario5. Instead of using my own approach to tackle "classical" OOP (meaning: classes) with JS, I use TypeScript's class system. Additionally I annotate everything and I will try to modularize the code. This is also work in progress. Finally I will make some performance benchmark. Just to see how much I had to pay for my own OOP approach.

Thanks to all participants and to the organizers for this great event and all the wonderful talks. Happy that I've been part of it!

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