Upcoming .NET UG Talk

I think it is time I give a talk dedicated to (some) modern programming languages.

The title of my upcoming talk in the .NET usergroup Regensburg contains languages such as (Modern) C++, Go, Julia and Rust. I will try my best to convince everyone why learning new languages is important and why these new languages are interesting.

My personal belief is that we actually live in interesting times. We may now debate about political, geographical or sociological aspects, but of course I am mainly thinking about technology - software technology. The next years will be interesting and I have no idea which language will turn out to be the next hero. Currently JavaScript seems to be everywhere, but I have the strong feeling that a better solution is just around the corner.

The talk will actually contain two main parts. One is about the new and upcoming languages (with short examples and their general properties). The other part introduces Modern C++. Modern C++ tries to make a lot right in the C++ world. Modern C++ makes C++ fun and useful again. I believe that Modern C++ is currently the best choice for projects that have resource problems and still demand a high productivity.

Of course C++ is all, but finished. But my guess is that the next years (C++17 and onwards) will be very good. The introduction of concepts will make programming easier and more flexible than before. It will help the compiler and the user.

The introduction of the Clang compiler made a lot of things possible. GCC is also improving their error messages and opening up their block box. All these efforts result in better tooling, improved optimizations and a very competitive language.

I think the talk will be interesting. Anyone who wanted to see (Modern) C++ in action, or wants to hear what I think about the current movement in the programming language sector is highly welcome.

See you on Monday, 27h of April, 6:30 pm at the IT incubator, Bruderwöhrdstr. 15b in Regensburg.

Remark: The talk will be actually given in German, but I will post the English version of the slides online.

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