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After nearly a year without an article I am back with an unusual topic.

Today I've published another article on the CodeProject called Construction of a Supercomputer - Architecture and Design. This one basically covers an overview of the QPACE 2 machine, which ate some of my time during my dissertation.

This article marks my kind-of comeback at the CodeProject community as I did not publish many articles last year. My previous article was already published in August. This makes it 8 months without any article. I do not think it will be my last, as I have some more (mostly Azure related) content to be published. However, I have no timeline and I guess the publishing won't be as dense as before; but I will certainly try to publish regularly again.

Why did I wait for 8 months for another article? Well, the answer is mostly time. I didn't have any. Even though, the article was already finished in the beginning of September, I did not find the time to proof-read it, improve it, and publish it. Now, I found it again and I've checked its content. It seems to be alright at a first glance.

There is also a kind of series I want to publish called "What every .NET programmer should know about X", where X is supposed to be an interesting topic. It is not decided if I'll publish it on the CodeProject. Independent of the publishing target I'll write another blog post once I am ready.

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