The C# Lecture Notes are Back

Since Tech.Pro has been defunct for some time now I thought it's worth giving my notes a new home.

A couple of years ago I started rewriting the C# lecture notes. The original version has been a PDF generated from LaTeX code. That, however, seemed inappropriate considering that my knowledge as well as the course's syllabus changed over the years. A new site contacted me if I am willing to publish this content for their users exclusively. Of course, I said yes. This new site was Tech.Pro.

Over the years this site has seen some changes and shifts, but it failed to attract the amount of regular users the founders hoped for. For about a year now the page is "temporarily" down. In this year I've been contacted by various people - former students and interested visitors - that the links of my lecture notes are not working. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could change about that as the notes have been hosted on Tech.Pro.

Leaving the articles behind closed doors and move on is not my attitude. This week I finally managed to follow my plan of re-publishing the content on the CodeProject. I released all four articles there and updated the links on my page. If - and that is a big if - Tech.Pro will ever come back I will of course take down the re-submitted articles.

So far my comeback are the CodeProject has been a lot of fun. I got more interesting work in the pipeline. The only question remaining is if I'll find the time to write and publish these articles and when that is. Hopefully, this will not take years again.

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