CodeProject Competitions

Right now I have two articles on the CodeProject who may win article of the month competitions.

Recently, I returned to CodeProject with some golden classics in my pocket. I submitted an article about QPACE 2, which I wrote mainly back in August / September and I re-submitted a series of tutorials compiled from the C# lectures. The series was previously hosted on the Tech.Pro website. Since Tech.Pro is now defunct I was hoping to re-energize these articles.

The series was quite well received. Some errors / problems have been spotted as well. It seems like the editorial process was not as good as it should have been, but I am still confident enough to state that the series is a good one. Yes, it may not be completely perfect, but actually I do not believe that there is one article that fits everyone. I think that for the target audience of these 4 articles they do are fine job.

Now in the contest it seems that both, the construction of a supercomputer ("Best of Everything Else") and the advanced introduction to C# ("Best of C#") can win in their category. Winning with two articles in two different categories within one month would be very nice indeed. It would also push me to continue with my efforts on the CodeProject.

So what's next? Well, first I'll publish an article about the Microsoft bot framework, which is mostly based on the talk I recently gave. Then I'll potentially publish a little bit on AngleSharp v1, as I will write the full manual soon. Finally, I got something about Microsoft Azure and JSON schema (these are two different topics; no worries!) in my pocket for the future.

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