CodeProject IoT Competition

The IoT contest of CodeProject ended in the beginning of August. Now the results have been published.

Like a year ago CodeProject announced to host an Internet of Things (IoT) competition. This time there was no obvious link to Microsoft (Azure) or Intel (Edison). Hence one was allowed to choose freely what to build and where to host the solution. The only limitation was the requirement to fit to one of the categories such as industrial automation or do it yourself. For my own interest smart home was also present.

I decided to take part in the contest with the prototype of a personal chat bot based on LUIS and Microsoft's Bot Framework. The prototype contains everything to add more abilities and recognize a huge variety of intentions and entities. The given code only shows a few examples, but is very easy to extend. To illustrate the areas of usage I've decided to also provide some snippets for reading sensor data from a CC3200 and sensor tags, which can be purchased from Texas Instruments.

Now the results of this competition have been published. I was fortunate enough to win the first prize in the Smart Home category. Furthermore, I also could win one of the rare spot prizes. The spot prize for this competition was an Intel Edison Arduino Edition with an IoT Starter Kit consisting of several sensors and actuators. I already have a very cool project in my mind.

Thanks to everyone for the very positive feedback regarding my chat bot prototype and, of course, to CodeProject for honoring my contribution with the given prizes!

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