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I started writing some CodeProject articles again - here is what I published in the last month.

In the recent two years I mostly published on some other sites (LogRocket, SitePoint, Tuts+) or company internal blogs, but now I decided to come back to the CodeProject community with some topics I found interesting.

Since mid of February I was able to publish four articles - two in the Azure DevOps area, one about C#, and a final one about tooling in .NET (Newtonsoft.Json). The first Azure DevOps article was mostly an aggregate of smaller articles I posted on my blog regarding setup and experiences for building GitHub-based projects with Azure Pipelines. The second article in that area was dealing with end-to-end tests running within an Azure Pipeline.

The article about Newtonsoft.Json covered my experience for using Newtonsoft.Json in a partial PUT scenario. The difficulty here was to efficiently grab the keys while not running into any Newtonsoft.Json recursion problems dealing with cyclic deserializations.

Finally, I started a small series of articles in the "Modernize Your C# Code" space. The first one was "properties". Does not sound like an interesting topic, but I think there is one or the other thing to discover in there. The next one will deal with methods, which also includes extension methods, local functions, and delegates. I am currently planning to make three to four of these articles, depending how it goes and what topics seem interesting.

So far my experience coming back is good, even though some changes (e.g., anyone can submit any vote without even posting a comment) are rather dubious and demotivating. Nevertheless, I will at least finish the "Modernize Your C# Code" series as I think its a fun and interesting one.

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