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GitHub sponsors has been in beta for a while - finally, my own sponsorship was accepted as well.

When GitHub announced the sponsors program earlier this year it was clear that this can become another driver for open-source software. Indeed, many popular open-source contributors already profited from the sponsor program. With funding secured it seems quite attractive to dedicate fully into FOSS projects. By no means I consider myself an important (or even popular) contributor, however, maybe one or the other project should receive some love.

Today GitHub finally accepted me into the sponsor beta program. Usually, this is an indicator that now (or very soon) everyone can be a part of this. In any way, I already know what to do when I really should get a sponsor: I will invite somebody for a beer.

To celebrate that day I published another video at YouTube - this time explaining a bit more the concept of lazy loading code using Parcel with bundle splitting. As promised, I will keep on making these videos for a while. If anyone has some suggestion or question - please write me and I'll follow up in one way or another.

The other interesting things that happened: I was lucky enough to win another first prize at the CodeProject monthly article competition. Needless to say that I'm quite happy about it! The article had a rocky start and this was a nice way to end the "Modernize your C# Code Series". Maybe I can now finally start working on the "What every .NET Developer Needs to Know About ..." series. Or not.

I also want to make an announcement from the guys at CourseDuck. These guys have been kind enough to feature me in one of their newsletters (much appreciated!), so I wanted to take the chance to share the info about CourseDuck. It's a cool page to find some interesting (usually free) online courses on programming topics - for instance all things JavaScript. They got different categories, so that the right learning method for everybody should be included.

CourseDuck JS Course

Finally, I found a great website to learn more about Agile methods. Even though this also contains elementary material, most of the blog posts deal with advanced elements. Needless to say that not everything is for everyone - it's the right selection that matters. Knowing about all these topics seems inspiring nevertheless. It's a great selection and knowing the persons who created this I can truly say that they are some of the finest agile coaches out there.

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