Conferences in 2020

This year I will be attending quite some conferences ...

... potentially more than in the recent years. Partially, to promote Piral, the idea of using microfrontends, and Blazor. Partially, to tell people about some of the things we do at smapiot.

The kickoff for this year's conference season was last week at the c't webdev in Cologne. It was a great conference with a superb organization and a nice lineup of speakers. Most notably, talks by Christian Schaefer and Tobias Timm have complemented the great selection.

In March I'll be attending the MVP Summit in Redmond, which will then be followed up by the Azure Global Bootcamp events in April. In May I'll visit my hometown of Regensburg for the Advanced Developer Conference (ADC). End of June there is also the Developer Week (DWX) in N├╝rnberg approaching.

While this lineup alone is sufficient for the year - it's only the first half of 2020. There are plenty of other conference and I'm not quite sure which ones to take here.

We have the We Are Developers in Berlin (May), European Azure Conference in Nice (June), O'Reilly's Software Architecture Conference in Santa Clara (June), as well as the OpenJS World in Austin (June).

For the end of the year the BetterCode in Darmstadt (October), the Web Developer Conference in Hamburg (October), and the .NET Developer Conference in Cologne (November) are in sight.

Let's see which ones become an option and how I can arrange a schedule that works somehow for me and my girls. I would definitely be happy to take one or the other.

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