Advanced Frontend Links of the Week

Second part of the series - advanced links in the area of web frontend development.

1. What PWA Can Do Today
Every year (and every iOS release) we are getting closer to actually use PWAs as an appropriate native app replacement. This page by Danny Moerkerke shows you what you can actually do with it as of today.

2. Interop 2023 Dashboard
The Web Platform moves on and its time to summarize what was achieved during Interop 2023. I'd say "green is good" and the result is promising for Interop 2024.

3. Announcing Vue 3.4
This one is not exactly from last week, but I do believe that Vue should always be mentioned; especially since 3.4 is such a great release - good job Evan You!

4. Weird things engineers believe about Web development
I am for one believe that I've pretty much seen it all - but the article from Brian Birtles makes a good summary on web engineering culture.

5. When "Everything" Becomes Too Much: The npm Package Chaos of 2024
I think every year there is some kind of chaos or disruption with npm... 2024 is already in good shape with "everything" happening. Feross Aboukhadijeh goes into details how a single package uploaded as a prank caused a ripple effect in the npm infrastructure.

6. SolidStart: A Different Breed Of Meta-Framework
Solid is one of those React alternatives that really showed how a great DX does not need to imply a mediocre performance. Atila Fassina shows you that their meta framework also follows this approach and how it is actually composed inside.

7. Web analytics is badly broken
The consent screens are there for a reason - but still web analytics seems to be required or expected in most projects. According to Juan Mendoza there are better alternatives.

8. The Website vs. Web App Dichotomy Doesn't Exist
Is it an application or just a (static) document? There is more to it and Jake Lazaroff goes into all different kinds of websites (or applications) that you might want to build today.

9. Front-end testing in 2024
Testing is anything but easy. From dozens of ways to multiple libraries to a handful of targets you need to know and invest a lot to have everything set up correctly. In this post Ivan Malov gives you a good overview what you might want to consider.

10. "Why would I choose Panda CSS ?"
PandaCSS is one of the libraries that come with great DX and zero runtime cost - exactly as it should be. In this post Alexandre Stahmer explains what makes it stand out from the other solutions.

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