Current state of mind

A summary of the latest events and upcoming articles.

In the last month I was quite busy getting married and being on vacation. Therefore I was not able to write as many articles as usual. I did also cross the alps on the mountain bike - this time with the focus of the tour being on the nicest trails available.

Let's start with the huge success of the Mario5 article. Thanks to you all, the article was pushed on top of the CodeProject. Right now, I do have some more plans concerning the Mario game. One the one hand I will write a follow up article, which will probably be published in the end of July / start of August. The article will focus on the level editor and show how to re-use the code to write something completely different with just a few lines of JavaScript code. The article will also deal with integrating the existing code base on a fully featured web application.

The web application is another project I am currently working on. It will feature the Mario game with possibilities of creating, saving and playing custom made levels. I hope to release the web application (before the article) in the next week.

Just today I've published my new article on the CodeProject. The article "Practical ASP.NET MVC (3) tips" enumerates some tips and tricks I've found out to be useful over the last months. Actually I've created the concept for this article already in April, but was stuck on writing the paragraphs. Now I found the time to describe the problem, state examples, add references and compile everything together. I will continue to update the article with further tips and examples.

After the Mario game is finished with the web application being online and the article about the level editor being published, I will probably write another game. This time I will write a classic tower defense game. Details are still unknown - publication will probably be in late August / early September.

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