WebApplication evaluations done

The deadline for the final projects is already passed - now the evaluations of the final projects has been completed.

The projects have been very good again. Of course every project could have been a bit better - but that's always the case with software: there is still another feature that could have been integrated. At this point I want to thank all participants for their commitment and the nice atmosphere during the lecture and the exercises.

The certifications will be available in FlexNow during the week. If you did not subscribe to the lecture in FlexNow you might want to get your printed certificate. In this case you'll have to wait until Thursday. You can come to my office (PHY 1.1.01) to get your certificate starting at the 8th of November. Please come to get your certificate as soon as possible.

The projects have already been published in the online gallery. Some of the projects cannot be viewed or downloaded, while others might not work as intended (due to a missing database or changing sources).

Update Everybody who is enrolled in a modularized program has to receive the certificate by using the FlexNow application. Therefore only people, who are still in non-modularized programs can actually get a printed certificate. This implies that people who did not join the lecture in FlexNow will now have to enroll in FlexNow for this course - otherwise there won't be a certificate for them. An e-mail to all students, who are facing this problem has been sent.

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