Sumerics v1.0.2 published

Next week at the MWC in Barcelona the latest version of Sumerics will be showcased. The version has been published today and includes small bug fixes, enhanced 3D plotting capabilities and improved scripting abilities.

Today, Sumerics version 1.0.2 has been published. This version is an incremental update with improvements in terms of bug fixing, enhanced 3D plotting capabilities and improved editor features.

One thing to note is that the core - called YAMP - has been updated. This update features improved scripting, some minor bug fixes, updated examples in the documentation and the ability to simply call external functions. The behavior is quite similar to Matlab. If a function is called, which cannot be found (no local variable that is called like that as well as no global function that is called like that), then the function name will be used to search for a file with that name ending with ".ys". If such a file is found the content will be compiled. If no compilation error resulted and a function with that name will now be found, then this function will be taken.

One thing to know about this new feature is that such functions will be cached. The next time such a function is called, the cached one will be taken if the file is still available and unchanged. Also calling the function in a loop will not have any affect on the performance. The first time the function has to be searched will cost something (either a little bit due to caching or a lot due to compilation), the other times the function is already known.

Right now Sumerics is able to do a lot of things that can be done with Matlab. The syntax is quite similar, however, scripting looks a lot more like JavaScript than Matlab. The major difference between JavaScript and YampScript is that YAMP uses let for explicitly declaring local variables, where JavaScript uses var.

Some screenshots of Sumerics:

Sumerics is available in the Intel AppUp center and costs roughly 3€ or $4. Further updates are planned and will probably be executed monthly.

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